Thought Process

The good die mostly over bullsh** (Goodie M.O.B.) Soul Food. One of my favorite groups/debut albums of all time.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a couple days, but didn’t get around to it. But, the timing worked perfectly. As I added the above picture, I hear Free coming out of my roommate’s speakers. It must be 10:22pm!? Nope. 6:50. Oh well, still “a bit weiyd” (Brit, Flight of the Conchords**)

**If you’re white and haven’t seen that show, you’ll like it. Trust me.

Speaking of stuff white people like, Soul Food is like the Dazed and Confused of hip hop albums to me. You ever heard someone say, “I didn’t know Matthew Mcconaughey was in that movie?!” or “Is that Ben Affleck with the sideburns holding the paddle?”

If you stay up on the Dungeon Family, than this is common knowledge, but to others it’s a necessary lesson. Soul Food birthed the sounds of Organized Noize, Cee-Lo, Khujo, T-Mo, Big Gipp, and Dungeon Family’s most popular Big Boi and Andre. I’m always amazed when an Outkast fan hasn’t heard Soul Food, or doesn’t realize its significance. I’m guilty of such oversights in music, but this one just strikes a chord in me because it was one of the first albums I fell in love with…. It was one of the first albums I played for my mom that had “explicit lyrics” on the cover. It was my first idea of what a “conscious” album sounded like. I remember playing her Guess Who and Cee-Lo’s a capella verse on Fighting because the artistry and message could help my mother see that hip hop isn’t all “guns and alcohol”.

This post was really inspired from thinking about how rare it is to have a hip hop album still be relevant 13 years later. Make sure you remind people as they are listening to the new Gnarls Barkley album, that those soulful vocals were just as smooth in 1995 in Atlanta as they are on your radio station today. From the first note of Soul Food, Cee-Lo steps up as the unspoken leader of the group, and his mix of singing, rapping and storytelling really sets this album in another class. (see World Party to experience a Cee-Lo-less Goodie – not the same)

The other defining verse on the album is Andre (3 stacks, Andre Benjamin, Dre, Will Ferrell’s co-star in Semi-Pro). This was most people’s first introduction to Andre, and from this first verse he made it known that he would be one of the best to ever hold a microphone. “Now as an Outkast, I was born, wasn’t warned of the harm…”

So this is my official appreciation to an album that I owe many “default moments” to. The, “I’m not sure what I want to put in the CD player” default.

Thanks to Andre’s “still smoking… still drinking” reference in Thought Process, I found the original song Still Smokin’ by Sleepy’s Theme (Sleepy Brown’s original group) on their 1998 release Vinyl Room.

Do yourself a favor, and go buy this album. (And put some fire on the ass end of that….. )


5 Responses to “Thought Process”

  1. 1 merc. 03/16/2008 at 11:39 am

    “you’ll find, that a lot of the reason we behind, is because the system is designed to keep our third eyes blind / but not blind in the sense that our other two eyes can’t see! / you’ll just end up investin’ quality time in places you don’t even need to be.”

    was just listening to this album the other day and was chatting w/ my friend, asking him if he liked Goodiemob… he said they were pretty decent. I was like dudde, WAY more than pretty decent. This is the lyric I sent him. Love it.

  2. 2 Trav 03/17/2008 at 7:18 am

    The intro to Soul Food (the aforementioned “Free”) still gives me chills. I have a similar sweet spot for this album: this cassette permanently resided in my walkman for 1.5 years in junior high school. Everybody else was all over Ready to Die, 2pacs, and even Master P in those days, but I wouldn’t have it.

    Growing up in Atlanta, before it was on the map for hip hop (even before Cool Breeze coined the phrase “dirty south”), it was really exciting to see OutKast make it. On that note, a minor correction: Southernplayalistic came out a year before Soul Food, so Dre and Big Boi were already on their way – the player’s ball video saw a lot of rotation.

    In addition to Dre’s verse on thought process, cee-lo mercs every verse/hook/ad-lib he spits – his verse on thought process is my personal fave:

    “…I wanna lie to you sometimes but I can’t / I wanna tell you that’s its all good when it ain’t / it’s ninjas hurtin’ and uncertain about if they gon’ make it or not, that’s why we got people killing / feeling like they comin’ up off a little dope they sold / you can get some gold, but we won’t make it as a whole / cuz without you there’d be no me, and without no unity there will never be any happiness / you can smoke a pile of ses and it still won’t relieve your stress/ god bless.”

  3. 3 Eric 03/17/2008 at 10:24 am

    Trav, I stand corrected. I knew the two albums came out near each other, but for some reason thought Soul Food was before SPCM.

    And to piggyback off your point – Cee Lo was near perfect at every moment on that album. Thought Process, Guess Who, Cell Therapy, Soul Food, man… goes on and on.

    … 13 and a half years old, standin on the bus stop alone in the cold.

    … a heavin helpin of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens to big for my jeans…

    … I kinda like bein po’, at least i know what my friends here for..

    … I wonder if they put the gates up to keep crime out, or keep our ass in

    thanks for the feedback. now update your Copenhagen blog, dangit. i’m fiending.

  4. 4 djkinetik 03/17/2008 at 10:52 am

    “Folks that hang with me when I was out in the trap or when I was goin’
    Thru one of our episodes, only God knows, whut I go thru so I get down
    On my knees, sometimes I come home too high to pray, but I get on my bed
    Lay on my back and meditate, anyway, in the ceilings, the four walls,
    it’s like cell therapy I got nothing to do but write about my L-I-F-E, put it
    Down on paper…So whut chu feel?”

    spoken by “Poet” Khujo Goodie……

    I cannot lie, I had not heard the entire album in YEARS until my horrible internship at Tourdesign here in Indianapolis in ’06 and I took the CD home with me and that was it man….I heard that part of the verse at the height of my drunken stumble in life when I was cashin E&J out some 3 or 4 nights out of the week. So I knew what it felt like to be too zooted to pray and all you could do was lay down and zone…then just hope you wake up in the AM. Also got hip to this around the same time I started writing more and more (Ebony and Ivory EP coming soon stay tuned to for that news)…………………………………

    I remember the “Soul Food” and “Cell Therapy” videos and my Pops really liked Goodie Mob which translated to me being able to listen to Outkast at will at a real young age, like 9 or 10 but I missed Goodie Mob.

    Me and my boy Jeff James the Ghost of Run ’em Out fame (holla at me to hear “Haunted House” BANANAS) always used to rap about Goodie being like a dirty-south Wu-Tang which made me look at it in a different light as more poetic than musical.

  1. 1 Going on « 1022 Trackback on 03/26/2008 at 8:27 pm

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