Victory is in my clutches

And what did I say? Million Dollar Marcus and I took a little 30 minute jaunt to Plainfield, and we smiled at the guards, using the power of hope to get the ticketless boy wonder in the building.

After making our own parking spot, walking by hustlers selling Obama pins, t-shirts, beach towels and size 10 Air Obama’s like it was the streets of Manhattan (well, not the towels and shoes – let me exaggerate), going through the metal detectors, signing up for the Indiana volunteer list, and finding our spot in the wooden gym bleachers, Mr. Obama told us it was “our campaign” . . .

Exerpt from the IndyStar:

That optimism for change, he said, is what has driven his campaign since he launched it early last year. As a 46-year-old man who has represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate since 2004, Obama said some people question why he didn’t wait longer to run for the White House. . .“I remind them of what Dr. (Martin Luther) King called the fierce urgency of now, because I believe there is such a thing as being too late, and that hour is almost upon us,” Obama said. “I believe that if we can come together that there is no challenge we can’t face now. There is no destiny we cannot fulfill.“After having run now for 13 months . . . I am here to report that the people are ready for change.”

The best part about that last sentence was what filled the “. . . “. In his typical charismatic tone, Obama said, and I paraphrase, “After having run now for 13 months, traveling the country, shaking thousands of hands, kissing thousands of babies, getting spat up on my suits, I am here to report….” I loved the way he downplayed the political “process” yet also proved how in touch he is with the people.

My other favorite part was when Obama was calling on people to ask questions, adhering to a boy-girl-boy-girl system of choosing. A man had his hand up, and when the microphone got over to him, he handed it to his wife. Obama said, “Whoa, whoa – we’re supposed to be going boy-girl . . . I’ll let it slide this time for being good to your wife. We’ll pick two men in a row to make up for it.”

The energy and positivity in that gymnasium was such a great feeling. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to see him and support the movement in Indiana. As I’m going to read the Rolling Stone cover story, the WSJ is reporting that Obama “expands his delegate lead“.

Yes we can. Victory is in his clutches…..


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