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Best Rapper Alive

Andre 3000 – Alter Ego The Mixtape (Mixtape)

Marc, weren’t we just talking about this idea 2 nights ago? Our apt. is bugged, I knew it.


Dear Head Blade,

I love you.

This post was partly inspired from a post on Young + Fresh + New that referenced Gillete razors, and partly from a new wave of intrigued co-workers about how I stay so fresh… and new.

I’ve shaved my head since 2002 (way before Howie Mandel), but I spent the first 3 1/2 years using a Norelco electric shaver. I never liked using a straight razor on my face simply because I wasn’t that good at it, and I’d cut myself. The few times I tried on my head with a regularly-handled razor, it wasn’t a pretty site, and after cutting myself twice, it was on to the Norelco.

My life changed circa late-2005/early-2006 when I found the Head Blade, named in Time Magazine’s Top Ten Designs of 2000. 2000??? I was so pissed when I found this out. Why didn’t I know about the Head Blade earlier? So, I don’t want this to happen to any fellow members of the Bald Brotherhood. Now, they even have product spin-offs like the Sport (pictured above). My first HB didn’t look like a Hot Wheels car. I also use the HeadSlick creme, which I realized I was totally dependent on when I was forced to use regular shaving creme while out of town last year. I’m not getting paid by Head Blade to write this (but Todd Greene, holler at me if you want me to make weekly posts, I can totally be bought. And I think I’m a way better endorser than Howie)

So, come join me, Howie Mandell, John Sally, countless UFC fighters, that Steve guy from Jerry Springer, and more. I have a hunch that Jordan is a closet Head-blader too… he’s just too expensive to endorse it officially. Although, I can picture an inspirational Head Blade commercial from Jordan like this “Maybe” commercial.

Not A Rapper

**Disclaimer** No connection to the “I’m Not A Rapper” (front) “I’m Just A Hustler That Raps Good” (back) t-shirts….although Jim Jones wore it well. This is Soul Sincurrrr, poetic performance.

Truthfully I’m not a rapper, I’m a poetic performer
so if rhyme or rhythm are off, I forewarn ya
– Kinetik, Solitude

Kinetik – Not A Rapper (from Saving All The Good Beats For Myself)

Reverend Wright

= Deshawn Stevenson of politics

Obama got next

I wrote about Go Tell Mama last month, which has the above poster (my personal favorite) and other cool Obama-inspired art/video.

But this video, courtesy of Stevie Internets at The Grip shows Obama’s no slouch on the court.

April 25, 2008 – Kokomo, IN

Blow the whistle

We don’t believe you, you need more people.

So I’ve got two emails this morning, and the internet’s goin nuts about this Lebron/Deshawn fuckery and Hova’s input. Even the Washington Post has a column about it. This is how the writer ended his story:

DeShawn’s Got Soulja
LeBron’s Got Hova
Game 4 is off da hook
Now this column is ova

Jay Z – Blow the Whistle (download)

Driving Down The Block (remix)

Yeah, you can see me driving down the block in my ’00 Jetta. Clean. Mean.

Kidz in the Hall ft. Pusha T, Bun B and The Cool Kids – Drivin’ Down The Block (Remix) (download)

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