You can call me fool

It’s been a long time… I should’na left you, left you….

I’ll have new posts up soon about the NYC trip (videos of Mos and Jay E. included), but for now just a quick laugh at my own expense.

I started my new job yesterday (April Fool’s Day), and thought how funny it would have been if I showed up and no one was here, or they didn’t have a desk for me, etc. It all went smooth, but Gmail got me good.

I swear by Gmail, and trust what they tell me. Yesterday they had a new feature called “custom time” on their homepage. I could not get over how much this would have helped me in college! I didn’t get more info on it, but told people about this crazy concept of sending emails 6 hours ago! Well, today I realized I’d been had.

Bravo, Gmail…. Bra-VO. LINK


1 Response to “You can call me fool”

  1. 1 merc. 04/03/2008 at 1:27 am

    haha….. hahaha… fool.

    actually, i was snowed too… i thought about it for a while. then realized april 1st. but i’m sure it was before you did. 🙂 .1

    in my perponderense (definitely not a word), i followed some wiki links (my favorite thing about the site)… and came across this… i thought about sharing all my tabs, but here is one of the most intersting ones… I followed links about M-theory and superstring theories to get here. here’s another cool tab, great seein’ you broseph, and people, the show was PHENOM.. peace.

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