Extra pillows and seat back love

Know what really grinds my gears??

The people on airplanes that somehow don’t realize that the object they use for their personal weight support when rising from their seat is actually someone else’s headrest. You know what I’m talking about. That moment when you are into a good book, just starting to fall asleep, about to drink a sip of your 6 oz. beverage, etc. when there’s a sudden jolt in your seat. The oblivious person behind you has just pulled themselves out of their seat with no regard to the chain reaction. It’s not a kid… they get a pass for a couple inadvertent headrest bumps. But come on lady/guy/idiot, do you really not notice the person’s head in front of you?

Ok, fine. Well, I’ll make sure you don’t miss my slow-turnaround-into-the-lemon-face that I perfected watching my father at movie theaters and live theater growing up. The moment a candy wrapper started to crackle or the baby started to cry, I’d see Pops do the ¼ turn as a warning to what was about to come if the noise didn’t stop soon. Sure enough, they’d eventually get the Larry David gasface with a full turnaround, sometimes complimented with a baffled head shake, or a sarcastic chuckle at the ridiculous behavior. However, the candy wrapper scenario isn’t as bad, because the effects of your actions aren’t as crystal clear. You may not realize how loud it sounds, or that the baby was only crying during silent parts, etc. But “just when I thought that was that… they pull me right back.” The physical act of yanking a person from their comfort on an uncomfortable airplane is just plain punishable. This nonsense must stop.

But until then, I’ll just get satisfaction from a well-timed, turnaround skunk face.


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