The Guggen… the Guggenheim

I’m a nerd. I get intrigued by things that “stick” (go read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point). And I get even more geeked about GOOD things that stick (not “yah, trick, yahhh”)

Enter Mickey Factz and the GFC crew. “The Guggen…. the Guggenheim!”

I’ve been walking around for days with that “ad-lib” stuck in my head. So, bravo Mr. Factz… braa-vo. Mickey’s crew goes by the name GFC, which I’m guessing stands for “Guggenheim ________ Crew”, but I can’t figure out what the F stands for, and what the significance of the world-renowned museum actually is to one of these rapper guys. But I do know that I was there as a baby in ’83 (only lived in Manhattan in the infant stages, but there’s something to be said for subliminal intellect, right?), and mom would always talk about the breath-taking exhibits and structural design of the Guggenheim.

I digress. Mickey Factz and the good folks at GFC have a new mixtape available for free download. I suggest you wise up and click HERE


1 Response to “The Guggen… the Guggenheim”

  1. 1 travis 04/24/2008 at 5:49 pm

    “The Understanding” track is amazing – from the Malcom X intro on the Klan and violent resistance to the smart content of Mickey’s lyrics to the airtight production. I just wish Mickey “flowed” like this on all of his songs; definitely a lot of potential here.

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