The Wesley Snipes experiment

What happens when you randomly post a fact about Wesley Snipes on a person’s facebook profile that you haven’t talked to in a while? Well, an experiment has been conducted (sup Merc), and the results range from confusion to appreciation to anger that you assumed that person cares about Mr. Snipes.

Experiment Overview:
I get a random Facebook wall post from a girl I worked with on the school newspaper in high school. Really nice girl, but we haven’t spoke in at least 5-6 years since college. Plus, she’s never on facebook. So, you’ll understand why I was confused to see the following post: “wesly snipes got 3 years in prison.”

Uhhmm…. Mmm. Hmm. I’m stumped at this one, so I go over to her profile, and realize there must have been some myspace-type-spam that blanketed her friends wall.

For the rest of the experiment….

Ok, so yes, I took the time to copy & paste all the wall posts into Word. Then I went through and delete names, times of post, etc. to protect the identity of subjects in the Wesley Snipes Experiment. If you cry authenticity foul, sit and ask yourself, “why would he go to all this trouble for an experiment that may or may not be funny to people… and type a post in a foreign language?” There, now you feel better. Here they are, in reverse chronological order. Hope you like.

heard that’s crazy- and for taxes too- i can think of alot of people doing alot worse things who deserve 3 years in prison

LOL. good to know.

Yeah, I know. Sucks to be him.

haha that was random! what are you up to this weekend?

Aw damn. Where have you been anyway?

Why you write about wesley snipes on my wall?! What he got 2 do w/me?!

Very random but good to know…

At least he finished shooting Gallowwalkers before getting sentenced!

stupid tax evader

You know I was really afraid you only posted that on my wall…

thats the most random message ive ever gotten…how have you been?

haha hi nadia! long time since I’ve talked to you! Hope everything is well, thanks for keeping me up to date on wesley snipes!

They’re gonna put him on ice.

there is a porn star named Wesley Pipes. i think it’s Snipes’ brother.
Wall-to-Wall – Write on Christy’s Wall

There is a lesson to be learned here. Pay your taxes, especially if you make millions of dollars.

thanks for that nadia…probably the most randomn out of the blue wall post i’ve ever got!

Why must the gov keep a successful black man down?!


naechste woche fahr ich freitag nach menorca fuer 4 tage!
aber wenn ich wiederkomm, wollte ich bei mir zu hause ma essen machen fuer n paar leute und ich wuerd mich freuen, wenn du auch kommst!!!
ich sag dir aber noch bescheid!

was machst du denn nachher noch? ich bin in ner halben stunde fertig mit arbeiten und wollte noch zum camper-shop am passeig de gracia oder rambla catalunya, wenn du also lust auf nen spaziergang hast?!?!?!

lol totally random? lol

hw u doin? n wil u visit me in jail wen i get 5 yrs fo stalkin english n americans? Haha

why does everybody always have to keep a black man down?


why are you telling me this?


***Bonus*** For those of you that made it this far, the picture is from Passenger 57, which was a movie I loved at a young age of maybe 10 or 11. Aside from making me think Wesley Snipes was a real life superhero/badass, I had a fear of getting hijacked. I’d survey the plane looking for who the “passenger 57” would be if something went down. Anyway, when I was 17, was going to Florida for spring break with my boy Lance, and my boarding pass said “Passenger 57”. I literally thought that was a sign that something was going to happen, and I’d have to save the day. But yeah, nothing did, and I didn’t save anyone. But I did have sex for the first time on that trip, so I guess I gave her the Wesley Pipe. Hahahaha, LOL. Yeah, I said it.


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  1. 1 thegrip 04/27/2008 at 3:03 pm

    Always bet on black.

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