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2012 Super Bowl: Indianapolis

Huge for the city. Check out the video presentation that helped win the bid, with some help from Dennis Hopper, HERE


Rusty talks Jack

RIP Jack Gilfoy, 1938-2008.

ANOTHER one from Jay Smooth

I had to share this one too. This guy is goooood. The John Stewart of hip hop. illdoctrine!

Everyone should invest venture capital in illdoctrine (on top of his Dave Chappelle venture capital)

Renaissance Man

(artwork by FWMJ)

Did anyone see Diddy’s love-gram about Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour?

Jay Electronica gives me that feeling Puff-man spoke of. His verses transcend 16 bars. He’s been endorsed by Just Blaze, Erykah, hip hop legend Mazzi, and now add Escobar to the list….

“Jay Electronica is the future,” he added. “He’s what rappers are trying to be or what they are aspiring to be. He’s the whole package. He has visual ideas for videos, and he could show you what he’s been working on. He has a whole different take on his production. The guy’s an incredible writer. I like his music. He was like, ‘Let’s go. Let’s get in the studio.’ He gave me a lot of his time.” ..
-Nas on Mixtape Monday

Download: What the F*ck Is A Jay Electronica

(And yes, my video & review from the 3/28 show at Nokia Theater w/ Jay Electronica & Mos Def is still coming)

Hip Hop is giving me a rash

From last year, but no less relevant. Rational thinking is so nice sometimes. Thank you Jay Smooth.

6 Hour Power

So, I’m in the checkout line at a gas station/truck stop near Ohio recently, and I look up to see the entire 7 shelves in front of me stacked with energy drinks. Smart… I don’t want truckers on the road falling asleep. But, the display cracked me up…

On top, was 5 Hour Energy, which I’ve had before.. and I’m not convinced on the “no crash later” promise.

Then, right below it, was the product of some opportunists that saw an easy way to sell the same product, but just market it solely based on topping 5 Hour Energy by one hour… Still in a tiny bottle.

Doesn’t that kind of remind you of what 50 did to Ja? Same product, but marketed to shut the other one down. 5 Hour Energy is a Wanksta.

Kayo – Live From Belgium

This track has been bubbling around for the past few months, but I’m just now getting around to posting it. Indianapolis MC Kayo steadily provides that swagger music, and producer LZ gave him a silly beat/concept. Got me saying “We are live from Belgium!”

Don’t have a download link yet, but listen at his myspace page HERE

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