Patiently Waiting

All of you are patiently waiting, and you don’t even know it.

I can hear you doing your best Veruca Salt impression… but I want it NOW!! Well, as Kinetik says, “patience is the companion of wisdom”. Be easy, friends.

(picture taken by Tim Mercer in 2007, Kenya)

Pamoja. Merc’s blog, live from Mulawi and Kenya from May – Sept 2008. This will mark his third trip to the “cradle of civilization“, and yet another opportunity to spread hope, healing, knowledge and tools for people to kill their dream killers (whether disease, poverty or equality issues). This will be a definite RSS.

(in swahili, pamoja translates to “together.” it is also a friendly way of saying goodbye or ending a conversation, meaning basically, that “we’ll be together again” or “talk to you again”)


( 5/3/08 screen grab on the first of 32 listens)

ADK Presents… AD(illa)K – The J Dilla Tribute
Hosted by Kinetik
14 songs. 32.5 minutes. Magnificence.

Soul on wax. Unbelievable what can happen in 24 hours, more than half of which without the aid of a notepad.

Strength to make it. Courage to live it. Wisdom to do it the right way.

Previous: Nothing Like This (download)

Sit tight. Pamoja and AD(illa)K coming so, so SOON.


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