The Ivy League: Stuff White People Like

I had to share this post because…
a.) Merc (author of the forthcoming blog PAMOJA, and friend for life) is a grad student at Yale, and Kinetik and myself had the pleasure of visiting this fine campus during our trip to Rapland to see Mos and Jay Electronica.

2.) Both Bush boys went there, responsible for 12 years of “no new taxes” and fightin the “War on Terra”

III.) “White people also like to call their school ‘The Harvard of the (insert region or conference) ‘. Do not challenge this, it will ruin their confidence.” Well, rumors are circulating that my alma mater may become the “Harvard of the Midwest”, which will result in me claiming to be an Ivy Leaguer.

Click here: Stuff White People Like: The Ivy League

1 Response to “The Ivy League: Stuff White People Like”

  1. 1 Boogie 05/09/2008 at 1:55 pm

    Before I went to KU someone told me it was the Harvard of the Midwest…..They either meant the Harvard of Basketball or Im just super smart….Ive heard this theory on Butler too. That it is the Harvard of blah blah blah but I think that was from Marc….So you know whatever….

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