…Yes I Did

MTV’s “Hottest MC’s in the Game” selected Kanye as #1 this year, with Jigga man as runner-up.

Here’s a new verse performed by Kanye over the “Everything I Am” instrumental at the G-Shock 25th Anniversary party. ‘Ye informed the crowd this was written at 8am the day before. How’s that for instant retention? Kanye’s formula of charismatic, sarcastic rhymes, coupled with raw observations from a regular dude (who happens to be in the limelight) is why he continues to win. That, and oh yeah, “he do spazz out at his shows”. Remember when people said Kanye couldn’t rap? Yeah, I know… people also used to think the sun rotated around the Earth.

Video – HERE


“Open up your Bibles, let’s hear from the Reverend
I’m two number 1’s so, together I’m 11
she a 10, i’m number 1, together we 11 ….
her girlfriend a 7, sent her to 7-11
she a 10, her girl a 7, so together 17
let me see your I.D., only 17?
Eeesh! That could’ve fucked up everything
like he already don’t like me
always hollerin’ white T
dressed like I’m HypeBeast
smiling in my white teeth
don’t go against the Ameri-Kan dream
together we like the King in Marathon team
Team, team, let me show how he seen
Three black acts that spit that crack
Never push that ‘Lac, I rather push something German
Looking for a Sweedish girl that I can put my sperm in
Preach, my brother, don’t stop the sermon
All i see is green, call me Eric Sherman
All I spit is thermal, long sleeve flannel
when i touch the verse, don’t touch the channel
I bought the rat a purse, she keep callin it Chan(n)el
I’m such an ass, so she callin me ano [ano=spanish for anus]
never hit a girl anal, but I run shit ANNUAL
Now that’s some dumb shit, I said I never hit it anal
but i run shit, dumb bitch
and i mean bitch in the nicest sense of the word
just act like i was a nice, sensitive nerd
that a female dog, cause i don’t dog all females
except for the ones that’s in it for the retail
they see what you got, they see what we sell
get married so much, them girls on re-sale
they watched the draft, they got your jersey already
she done picked out a crib out in Jersey already
she bout to be pregnant by Thursday already
congratulations baby boy, on your new baby boy”


1 Response to “…Yes I Did”

  1. 1 thegrip 05/18/2008 at 3:22 pm

    …dressed like I’m a hypebeast…

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