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Cool Kids – Dinner Time

New Cool Kids track fromThat’s Stupid, the mixtape that disappeared, now resurfaced. Spotted over at FSD.

Download: Cool Kids – Dinner Time

Oh, and to get on my soapbox for a minute…. people’s comments on Nah Right crack me up. “I’m from the Chi and I’ll never listen to a Cool Kids song…”.


“Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?” © Hov

Mr. Blog Commenter… maybe you should sit down and listen to a track or two prior to casting stones. But you know what, nevermind… stick with your un-warranted/educated opinion.

But this guy (meaningless? GTFOHWTBS), and other people that try to use the term “hipster rap” as a limiting box to categorize something, remind me of the pissed off guy at a party going home alone. Out of all the things wrong in the hip hop industry, people are focusing on some kids with funky beats, fresh styles & party music… who know their history!? I don’t get it. At least Ice-T is focusing his hateful energies on more pressing issues.

The only readable criticism I’ve read is from Rusty, and he’s merely focusing on the history aspect.


1992 – Dream Team cups from McDonalds

Marc and I were talking about these classic collector items today. I think I had 6 out of the 10… which made me 60% cool in 1992.

As I was looking for a picture of these gems, I found a Dream Team drinking game from 1992… hahaha, I love the Interweb. Full game description after the jump Continue reading ‘1992 – Dream Team cups from McDonalds’

Barry Bonds x Spaz (Dub Floyd Screamixx)

Drew the Barber at Fake Shore Drive has had a LOT of unreleased exclusives lately, too much for me to re-purpose here. So make sure you go over to FSD and “Get familiar!” © Clinton Sparks

I just downloaded the above Kanye mixtape, from Hevehitta and Dub Floyd. It’s a nice collection of Kanye raririties and remixes. Some are familiar (Livin a Movie), some I’ve never heard (Plastic ft. Really Doe), and some came from the Go-Getters album (World Record Holders). And a little bonus track of Colin Monroe’s version of Flashing Lights with Little Brother’s verses from “The Way You Do It”?? Ok…. OK Dub Floyd. I see you.

I digress… My favorite mix on the tape is the Dub Floyd remix of Barry Bonds.

Download it and spaz out: Kanye West – Barry Bonds (Dub Floyd Screamixx) Feat. Lil Wayne

Beat Stevie – Sets, Sweats & Silhouettes Part 1

This is Mike Skinner’s (from The Streets) internet TV show, that can now also be seen on Channel 4 at 1am in the UK.

For all you fellas out there, just in time for the weekend, this episode is about the “pick-up artistry” featuring Ted Mayhem. Welcome to Beat Stevie….

Calm Before The Storm

alpha. – Obama ’08 (Do The Knowledge)

Rusty put me on to this new track from Indianapolis-based MC alpha., from Class of ’93 (w/ DJ Metrognome). I saw a video of alpha. on the mic for the got SOLE? Grand Opening, and he really caught my attention. Then I saw Class of 93 open up for the Cool Kids at the Vogue in April, which”fuuuuuuuurther let me know” (© Steve Harvey) that alpha. spit hot fiya like Dylan on Chappelle’s skit.

He entered in, to Harvard Law, at 88
And while I’m here on the subject, let me set it straight
What he did wasn’t easy to do,
(bein) the first black prez of the Law Review”

This song is a well spit history lesson about our future President of the United States. Download the zip, which includes artwork, lyrics and the mp3:

alpha. – Obama ’08 (Do The Knowledge) (prod. by J. Brookinz)

… and a bonus sneaker head anthem

alpha. – 12 steps

And Download the Rhymefest Man in the Mirror mixtape, featuring alpha.

Kinetik’s Workout Plan

(Click the picture to download “Kinetik’s Workout Plan”)

Mr. Soul Sincere writes:

Plenty to hear all the way from Mr. West to Roy Ayers to Danity Kane to Uncle Luke to Kinetik to…well just go get it.

60 minutes of sweat-creating jams. Download the mix, cut the fat out, keep your caloric intake low, watch ya sugars, ya cholesterols, ya proteins and thangs and be nice to ya body…you only get one and when its done ITS DONE.”

Listening to:


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