Illegal Art + Girl Talk

Big thanks to my good friend Kristin for supplying me with a link to Illegal Art, which houses Girl Talk albums among other things.

I saw Girl Talk last year in Indianapolis, and it was one of the most energetic, sweatiest shows I’d ever been to. A mix of hipsters and hip-hop heads, everyone was going nuts to his mash-ups. If you’ve never heard a Girl Talk mix… download these:

Girl Talk – Bounce That

Girl Talk – Hold Up

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1 Response to “Illegal Art + Girl Talk”

  1. 1 merc. 06/21/2008 at 8:06 pm

    I saw Girl Talk at Toads Place in New Haven this spring, and I’ve never quite experienced anything like it. I walk in, and literally 200 people are packed onto this little stage, just bouncing. I didn’t even know who was making the music there were so many people on stage…turns out it was this skinny white dude with long hair and a wife beater, sweating his ass off, playing a “laptop” on a table that was literally being held up by a bunch of fans. Dancin’ and Rockin’ for 2 hours. Awesome.

    Word from the other side…

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