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New Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis

I got to see a tour last weekend, and am going to the game tonight. This stadium is amazing, and will provide an even better venue for Colts domination.

Click on the picture below to get a detailed review of every inch…


Video: John Legend ft. Andre 3000 – Green Light

Sophisticated smooth. Andre = the best to ever did it (admit it).

“This is what I’m tellin you
to the bed, I’m nailin you
like I been in jail for two
years, and then they let me loose.”

© 3k

T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay Z, & Lil Wayne – S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us)

“Can’t wear skinny jeans cause my nahhts don’t fit” © Hova (the universal symbol of SWAG)

I saw this teased over at NahRight a couple days ago, and it’s here now. Now that “Paper Planes” is recognized by the mainstream audience (thanks to Pineapple Express), this song should be even more of a hit than it would have been with the lineup alone.

My only criticism is the damn “funny voice shit” (as Joey Budden would say). It’s annoying as hell when Weezy distorts his voice on almost every song lately, and now Kanye’s doing it (Lollipop remix, now this). Stupid. I’ll take Dedication 3 Weezy any day over this T-Payne’d version of him. And Kanye…. stop it. Your verses are worthy of instant rewinds, but the unnecessary voice effects take away from it. Thank you.

Download: T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay Z & Lil Wayne – SLU (Swagger Like Us)

Hollywood Holt – Hollywood (video)

I posted this a couple months ago, but it was taken down from YouTube. I saw it over on Kanye’s blog and had to re-post.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Beginner’s Guide to “No Homo”

Mr. Smooth, at it again.

Nike basketball x Marvin Gaye

The infamous Bergamo (aka Ice BERG slim) just called me and said I need to watch this. We all know how Nike has great commercials, and this is no exception.

Berg says, “Marvin Gaye’s the only man who can make women’s panties come off with the National Anthem”

DJ Frank – Take Me Away Fast

“I’m a DJ. I love music, and I want to make people dance.”

This is a really interesting documentary sent to me by J. Kashi about a New York DJ who travels to Africa over a 3 year period in search of rare records.

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