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Andy Cooper – Flatlander in Indianapolis

I love random encounters, and I had a great one yesterday. I left the office a little early to clear my head, and take a walk along the canal downtown. As I’m sitting on a bench, listening to Foreign Exchange and Kid Cudi, I see a few guys filming a guy doing some pretty sick tricks on his bike.

After talking to Dave, one of the guys with a camera, I found out this was Andy Cooper, professional Flatlander (a style of BMX riding).

Nice guys, and bad ass rider. Check him out below:


Lance Moore Does Rooney Slide in London NFL Game

The person who put this video up on YouTube said it’s the “stupidist touchdown celebration ever in history”. Ah, the Palin factor. This must have went over your head….

Anyhow, see exhibit A:

And, exhibit B:

What a proper celebration for all the blokes and birds in London. He was penalized for celebrating (and the crowd booed appropriately). Great game for the NFL and the UK… Moore’s celebration just added to the excitement. (even though the announcers missed the shoutout to English football) Keep your eye out for #16…. Meezy’s no joke.

10/22: Matisyahu, Flobots and Mudkids in Indianapolis

It’s been a long time… I shouldn’ta left you, left you….

So, as Andrew of FakeShoreDrive (among others… Dizzy, Pitt, etc) pointed out the other day, “Daaaamn, you haven’t posted since August?!” I could hit everyone with excuses, but I’ll save all that. Chalk it up to 33% lack of discipline, 33% focus on career (which ironically is a startup company specializing in business blogging software), and 33% being distracted by this crazy election.

Anyhow… I’m back like I left somethin’ © Freeway. And how proper… on 10/22.

You’ll find me on the rooftop, kicking it with Rusty, Kinetik and whoever else wants to come through prior to the show tonight. Should be a good one….

Listening to:


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