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Must-Have Compilation For Little Brother Fans

I just came across a digital treasure chest over at Kevin Nottingham’s place. I’ve been a fan of LB since the days of The Listening, and been on top of all their releases thereafter. (I’ll get into why Phonte Coleman is one of the best entertainers of my generation at a later date).

Check out these compilations of songs NOT featured on any Little Brother retail releases or mixtapes. These are the Japanese releases, features, collaborations, hard-to-find tracks, etc. Thank you Kevin… this made my day.

Every Little Brother Track You Could Ever Want That Is Not On Any Of Their Retail Albums


88 Keys Does Kanye Impression

If you don’t have 88 Keys’ debut album Death of Adam, you are losing.

Here is a video from his album release party, where he does a spot-on Kanye impression at the 0:48 second mark.

Wassup 2008

Sia Furler – ‘Soon We’ll Be Found’ (video)

Wow… I just heard Sia Furler for the first time on Letterman. I literally got up from my computer to see who this was behind the soulful “let’s not fiiiiiight….”. With a little Googling I found that she has a few solo albums, and is best known for her work with Zero 7.

She sang ‘Soon We’ll Be Found’ (off the album Some People Have Real Problems) doing sign language with painted hands on Letterman, which makes more sense after watching the music video. She’s got some crazy videos. At about the 1:15 mark, there are easily the best shadow puppet skills in history.

Sia Furler – Soon We’ll Be Found
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Sia Furler – Buttons
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Video: 88 Keys – True Feelings

From the “Adam’s Case Files” mixtape. Short, but a really cool video.

I’m going to purchase my copy of 88 Keys debut album, “Death of Adam”, today. You should too.

UNDRCRWN Obama shirts

We all know Obama is a hooper, and sports-themed UNDRCRWN has put together some creative shirts based on the President-elect’s obvious athletic (and political) prowess over his opponent.

This first one is my favorite, and was originally sent to me a while ago (thanks Paul). Everyone from Spike Lee to Jay-Z’s tour DJ has been spotted in this most awesome shirt, which is why they’re sold out everywhere I looked. If you can’t immediately tell, it’s a play off of the never forgettable Vince Carter dunk from the 2000 Olympics over the 7-foot Frenchman.

The second one was released on Nov. 5th, right after the election. This one pays homage to the famous Muhammad Ali shot, standing over a disoriented Sonny Liston in ’65 (1 out of every 5 college kids had that poster in their room… including me)

Dedicated to the fine people of The Grip, where NBA highlights meet obscure news anchor clips… and everything in between.

Veteran’s Day Salute To “No Limit Soldiers”

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