Kid Cudi featured on Kanye’s “808’s and Heartbreak”

Kid Cudi is that dude. His whole style, melodic singing/rapping, and stripped down, honest content is light years ahead of most people in hip hop. And he surrounds himself with great people…. Wale, Kanye, Hollywood Holt, 88 Keys, A-Trak etc.

I love concept albums like The Streets “A Grand Don’t Come For Free”, which is why I’m excited for Cudi’s debut (and 88 Keys “Death of Adam” in stores 11/11). In a recent MTV interview, Cudi talks about his first full-length album, “Man on the Moon:The Guardians”:

Man on the Moon: The Guardians,” he said, revealing his album title. “It’s about my rise, my birth until now, present day. Me growing up, not knowing that this would be my destiny. All my hardships growing up and kinda becoming one with myself. Finding inner peace, being comfortable in my own skin, becoming an individual. And coming from the moon, which would be my own little world, it starts off from there and goes to a whole ‘nother level.

“To my birth up to present day,” he reiterated about the LP’s timeline. “My guardians, all my features on my album, don’t play themselves. They play characters in my story. Each feature plays an angel. They play a certain part of my personality as a guardian angel. It’s all story format, and it’s gonna be dope to see ‘Kid Cudi features so-and-so as … .’ They can get into a character and vibe out.”

You’ll be hearing more and more about Cudder — believe that. He’s on the cover of XXL’s Top 10 Freshman issue, filming pilots for HBO, showing up in Windows commercials, and singing hook’s on some guy named Kanye’s forthcoming release, “808’s and Heartbreak”. If you haven’t downloaded “A Kid Named Cudi” yet, get to Googling, and embrace the martian.

Download: Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi – Anyway


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  1. 1 h.e.r. 11/08/2008 at 7:12 pm

    nice place you have here, u might like this interview i held with him

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