Download: Brother Ali – Mr. President (You’re The Man)

Ali's Phases
Ali’s Phases by inua

Brother Ali is one of the most heartfelt, passionate MC’s I’ve ever heard. You feel his lyrics more than just hear them. When I first heard “Uncle Sam, Goddamn” at Dizzy’s apartment, I hit repeat about five times.

His new song about President-elect Obama really captures the emotion of a generation.  There will likely be a million post-election Obama song, but this one deserves repeat listens.  Yet another soulful offering from Brother Ali.

Download: Brother Ali – Mr. President (You’re The Man)

Lyrics after the jump:

[Verse 1]
Stand on your feet the new black commander in chief/
You see the voice of the people can’t be defeated/
We got together and demanded what we needed/
The masters of suffering gotta have some relief/
No more relaxing in that passenger seat, this is/
Our country and our chance to redeem it/
I got to pinch myself I can’t believe it/
We made history happen and you seen it/
We weren’t supposed to put that man in that seat/
We’re supposed to be divided by scare tactics and greed/
Like the most a black kid could ever be/
Is rappers and athletes or selling crack on the streets/
But now’s the time to rise and shine/
We all unite behind America’s brightest mind/
I’m getting goosebumps writing this rhyme/
Almost feels like we got it right this time/
Come on!/

[Verse 2]
I seen white folks confronting their neighbors/
About that old racist McCain shit/
Out in front of where they live/
The first time in my generation/
This nation has had this real race conversation/
And then I saw Obama’s fundraising/
Groundbreaking and found out where it came from/
Not corporations but real folks donating/
I’m mean I seen thugs reading newspapers/
People in the street who been ignored for so long/
That they never saw reason at all to get involved/
Start stepping forth, became a heavy force/
And made their voice change the presidential course/
They never used to give a fuck/
Now they know they got a visit us/
At least they know they gotta listen up/
Tell them old heads the jig is up/
You will never get elected again without us/
Come on!/

[Verse 3]
Of course I know that/
The real war for being free isn’t over/
Every leader need a team of true soldiers/
And once man can’t change the world from his office/
In order to do that we gotta all get on our shit/
We gotta raise our kids/
Take the revolution we started/
Pick up where we left off and don’t quit/
Don’t care what the cost is/
Combine forces with your sisters and brothers/
And pool your resources/
Of course it’s great Barack’s in/
But now we all got to win/
Let’s have a campaign to change us from within/
Rely on each other we ain’t gotta trust them/
Our heart’s been broken by the country within/
But today I got my hand on my heart/
I might go and plant a flag in my yard/
Man fuck it!/
Two years of saying ‘Yes We Can’/
And today Barack Obama’s the man/
You gotta love it!/


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