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Video: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band (Laundromatinee)

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If you follow music, you’ve probably been to My Old Kentucky Blog (MOKB). I was admittedly late on the MOKB train, which is embarrassing since the homebase is in Indy (by way of Louisville, KY).

Craig “Dodge” Lile, creator of MOKB, launched a new site called Laundromatinee in late 2008. It’s basic premise is an extension of MOKB’s exclusive audio sessions with bands, only now with video & interviews.

This one features hometown heroes “Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.” I did a project on Rev. Peyton in my Video Production 101 class at Butler back in 2002, and he was just as entertaining back then… just not playing 250+ shows/year across the country.


Slomo x San Diego, CA

I haven’t smiled this big from a story in a long time. Just got off the phone with a good friend from college who I haven’t talked to an almost a year. She’s living out in San Diego, and has a place that faces the Pacific Beach boardwalk in a prime people watching location (while I look at half-plowed, snow-covered Indiana streets… !).

As we’re talking, I hear classical music in the background, and she says “Hear that? It’s Slomo..”, explaining to me that he’s a San Diego legend. Continue reading ‘Slomo x San Diego, CA’

‘Fake Shore Drive’ featured in Chicago Reader

Andrew Barber,

Congratulations to the homey Drew at Fake Shore Drive! This guy balances a full-time job, and manages Chicago’s most prominent hip hop blog. He’s making FSD a household name, and has an exclusive mixtape, The Chicagorilla Ape Tape Vol. 1, slated for Feb ’09, featuring exclusives from everyone from GLC to Lupe.

I envy Dr. Barber’s hustle, and have to show love to a former Hoosier. Big ups, Drew!

Read the full Chicago Reader article.

Video: John Forte ft. Talib Kweli “Homecoming”

John Forte is home, and Kweli helps dust off the microphone.  If you missed it, W. pardoned him…. arguably the most popular decision among my circle of friends from our former Prez.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Rusty (of the Mudkids) says:

A little love for our man, ANDY KAUFMAN, one of the great song-and-dance men of our time. People have asked me how to do the dance I am describing in this Song from our fourth CD, ‘Basementality’. I thought it would be best if the originator, the creator, the genius that is Andy showed you himself.

Video: Colin Monroe & Wale “Will I Stay” Rmx

Not sure how I’ve never heard of this Colin Monroe character, but his mixtape, Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero, does well on the Logitech’s.

Here’s him recording with Wale. I’m always instantly impressed when someone’s playing multiple instruments on a track (although nothing will beat Jon Brion live at the Intonation Festival in ’06… I think he played every instrument on stage)

Designer Drugs in Indianapolis 1/29/09

Whoa, relax… I’m talking about the show tomorrow at Talbott St., crackheads. Click the picture for info on the DJ’s & Reduced List.

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