Rewindables: Mikey Rocks of the Cool Kids

Rewind that sh**!!

New shit! [echo: new shit… new shit…]  Ok, not new Cool Kids, but new, ongoing feature round these parts.  I’m going to start putting up a verses that I think merit a spotlight.  The Sauce’s “Quotables” section was always a favorite, and I tend to wear out my rewind button.

First installment:

Mikey Rocks, Verse 1 from The Cool Kids’ “Oscar the Grouch”.  The recently former teenager has Andre-like appeal to me.  That casual confidence, that if he wanted to, he could rap circles around you while stealing your girl, but he’d rather amuse himself with abstract metaphors and rhymes.  I captured this song on video last year, so I’m including the link as a bonus.


Hey yo the disk in
We sittin
I’m listenin
We listenin
The disk out at 6:10
We dip out
After a 40 of O-E
A shorty approached me
With gold teeth I said
“What’s in your mouth? ”
And now my fingertips tippin
On the button of ignition
And the mission is to fix the
Tranmission and the pistons
You know I’m on a roll
Like the man of the Michelin
The Go is my home but
My man is from Michigan
And when I’m fishing for
A line out my brain’s pond
Know I’m the man for the mission
Like James Bond
Eating won ton soup
On top of Mt. Fuji, duke
Who be who
Got this shit sewn
Like a coogi suit
Hula Hoop
Hop thru it
Just like a poodle do
Medulla Oblongata is a noodle
Just another term
I’m the early bird
In the trees
Your another worm
He so cold
He could freeze in a ton of fur

**BONUS** See Mikey and Chuck perform “Oscar” live from the Vogue in Indianapolis in 2008


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