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DJ Kinetik @ Red Room Every Wed. Night

Kinetik is learnin’ those 5th graders by day, and holding down a steady DJ spot by night. This fills a nice void on Wed. nights. And rest assured, there will be funky tunes outside of “Top 40”, as advertised on the flyer.

Oh, and Kinetik is hosting Villians @ Talbott St. on April 16th. Get on the reduced list, and get smart.


I Only Travel/Shower On The Hotelicopter

Excess? Unnecessary? And if you have the money, wouldn’t you go with the G5, and shower when you get there?

(via ThisIs50).

Phonte & Nicolay… On A Boat

I like how Nicolay doesn’t say a word. Just playing the humble background role of composer extraordinaire. If you enjoy Phonte’s humor, you should be following him on Twitter (@phontigallo). Today there is a discussion about a “Black Oregon Trail.” Hilarity ensues.

Prince’s Bentley

Air Gordon

Gordon Hayward, that is.

Butler > LSU. 12:20pm today.

*image created by Butler superfan Ashley A.

From Sporting News:

“He’s 6-8, he can handle (the ball), pass and shoot. He can defend. He can move. He glides on the court. What’s not to like?”, said Butler coach Brad Stevens about the Freshman.

Rapping Southwest Flight Attendant

He’s internet famous. The WSJ interviewed David Holmes about the song:

Holmes: I just kind of get the vibe for how the people are going to be. Normally, I’ll almost always do it for a flight going into Vegas. A Thursday or Friday night flight into Vegas, it’s almost a sure thing. They’re ready to party. That’s usually when I get the biggest applause.

I don’t do it on a 6 a.m. flight. Nobody wants to hear it at that time. I’m risking getting a beating doing that at six in the morning.

Video: 88 Keys ft. Kanye West – Stay Up! (Viagra)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you haven’t purchased 88 Keys “Death of Adam”, please excuse yourself and handle that.  He put together an incredible album, start to finish, interweaving the story of Adam waking up with “Morning Wood”, slipping into “The Friend Zone”, to almost having a “Close Call” (ft. Phonte).

As a bonus, Kinetik the Phonetic treats the “M.I.L.F.” beat below.

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