Dilla Tribute (LIVE from Roots Movements, Indianapolis)


MetroGnome sent over a link to the LIVE Dilla tribute at Jazz Kitchen from last month (which I missed! Lame.). It’s the full set from that night, with both DJ’s MetroGnome and Scott Matelic controlling tunage, along with interviews/commentary mixed in throughout. I love the way this was put together — the interviews really add to the mood & energy of the night. Jay Dee is one of the most influential producers of my lifetime. Like someone said at the tribute night, people appreciate his music and might not even realize it. He’s been behind everything from Slum Villa to Erykah to Busta to Dwele and on and on.

Click to listen: Dilla Tribute (LIVE from Roots Movements at the Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis, February 2009)

Here’s some snippets from the interview with MetroGnome:

“There’s just something in his [Dilla’s] production, that’s kind of ethereal… kind of magical almost.”

“Locally, DJ Top Speed, people don’t even understand how ill he is. He really is a legend in his own right…. his skill level is far beyond anybody else in the state of Indiana.”

“DJ Scott Matelic,…he’s just so smooth… He makes zero mistakes, ever.”

“I’m not the backspin, gunshot, yell real loud mixtape DJ. That’s not my thing. I want to show some skill level, and show that I put some thought & effort in the mixes.”(see what he’s talking about, download the Future Funk mixtape)

Roots Movements every Wednesday, and look out for DJ MetroGnome’s Certified Classics coming soon!



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