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Video: The Streets – “The Edge Of A Cliff”

This is easily one of my favorite tracks from The Streets’ latest album Everything Is Borrowed. The chorus is simple & powerful, and it painted a clear picture with only audio. The video is not what I expected, but I love the concept. Mike’s clean-shaven face slowly grows a beard throughout, creating a cool, subtle time lapse.

Truth is, Mike Skinner has never disappointed me. Even his blunders are brilliant.


Grey Granite x Action Jackson x J. Brookinz – The Bar

I love the Heavy Gunners because, as Grey says, they’re “artists in many more WAYS than one”.  The artwork is cool enough in itself, that the song could be “eh”.  But that’s not the case.  Grey brings his usual stylistics that set him apart from the rest, Brookinz spits (first time rapping on a track??) and takes a back seat to Action Jackson on a crazy, gyrating beat.

Download: Action Jackson x Grey Granite – The Bar

Kinetik x Rusty Redenbacher x SURFIN’ (Naptown Mix)

When I heard K and Russ were recording their own version of Swag Surfin’, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But after one listen at home, one in the car, and one at work, I’m officially riding this wave (pause).

Download: Kinetik & Rusty Redenbacher – Swag Surfin’ (Naptown Mix)

Snatch Wars

Zach Galifianakis

I thought it necessary to give a tiny homage to Zach Galifianakis, as the trailer for “The Hangover” is all over TV, and has Old School/Office fans wetting their appetites nationwide. He’s definitely new to some, but to others, his hilarity comes as no surprise. Read up on the bearded funnyman on his Wikipedia page, and watch a couple classic videos below.

FSD x Timbuck2 x The Cool Kids – The Fake Shore Drive Mixtape

Andrew has been cooking this up for quite some time, and despite losing some exclusives through inevitable leaking on the Interwebs, this looks jam-packed with goodies. Featuring a healthy mix of Chicago artists, from Mikkey Halsted to Lupe to Twista.

Download link and tracklisting after the jump. Continue reading ‘FSD x Timbuck2 x The Cool Kids – The Fake Shore Drive Mixtape’

I Like To Party!!! x Rusty Redenbacher “Wow”

I’ve never been to Volrath, but it must be alright if MHC has a new event there. Hosted by Rusty, who just sent me a new one, fresh off the stove for the summertime.

… peace to C Rayz, Ali & Sean

Download: Rusty Redenbacher – ‘Wow’

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