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Steal From The Rich (presented by Dope Couture down in B-town) officially drops on Tuesday, but I’ve listened to it thrice all the way through, and people will have no choice but to gravitate. It’s good. Really good. Til Tuesday…

Download: + CMART feat. Rhymefest – ‘All I Need’


The Foreign Exchange LIVE, Indianapolis, 8/15/09

I’m SO excited for this show. If you are still blankly staring, this is Phonte (of Little Brother) & Nicolay’s project that has produced two near-classic efforts: Connected (2004) and Leave It All Behind (2008).

On top of that, former Indy resident is opening, plus appearances from DJ Limelight & Allen Imagery. Ironically (given the cover of Leave It All Behind), I’ll be leaving a wedding reception early to make the show.  Can’t wait to see them in an intimate venue like the Athaneum. Get your tickets at!!


Maybe the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.  Aziz Ansari plays “Randy” for the upcoming movie Funny People.  Hilarity ensues.


PART 2 & PART 3 of the Documentary

NY Mag interview with Aziz Ansari on his inspiration for Raaaaaaaandy (Soulja Boy) and a potential spin-off movie.

Head over to for more Randy gems.

Video Teaser: Jay Electronica – ‘Dear Moleskine’ prod. by Just Blaze

This. Is. Incredible.

Jay Electronica is 1/6 of the reason I started this blog, and he doesn’t disappoint with this video that heightens anticipation of where his mind will go next. I posted about the above picture back in April, and am glad there will be some explanation visually, musically and lyrically.

Big wink & point to Rappers I Know & FWMJ.

The Roots – ‘How I Got Over’

(image courtesy of

It’s been cool watching ?uesto & fam on Jimmy Fallon, but it’s even better hearing new music from the Legendary Roots Crew. Black Thought branches out with some melodies on the chorus, and it works great. He also give you vintage Tariq, tearing apart his verses over ?uestlove’s head-nodding drums.

Download: The Roots – ‘How I Got Over’

*if you don’t get the t-shirt reference, get to your nearest search engine to de-code

Video: Tanya Morgan at Bentley’s, Indianapolis 7/17/09

(Rusty Redenbacher DJ’ing for Tanya Morgan, Indianapolis, IN)

Even though I missed Cudi’s homecoming show at the Cleveland HOB and Chappelle’s impromptu performance in Portland, I did get to see Tanya Morgan w/ the Mudkids in Indianapolis. FTW.

Donwill, Von Pea & Ilyas are the components of Tanya Morgan (a rap group).  I’d heard they were a group of down-to-earth guys, and they lived up to their rep. All three were cool, swapping background stories about song lyrics, crackin’ jokes & breaking down the origin of Lessondary status.  Their live stage show will probably lead to some 5 Hour Energy endorsements. They got So Damn Down they broke the sound system & the Mudkids couldn’t perform after them (around 1:15am). But Rusty did handle the 1’s & 2’s for Brooklynati’s finest, which made it a little more palatable that there was no ‘Kids performance. Other highlights included (extremely sober) C Rayz Walz jumping behind the DJ tables and handling duties for a song, & Kinetik filling in as soundman.

Thanks to Seanie Mic & for the video.

“Walk My Way”

“We Be”

Video: Chappelle’s Free Show In Portage, OR, 7/17/09

“I’m not doing this for money. I didn’t expect this many people to show up, so it couldn’t be for fame.”

“It’s not a complete loss.  We came together.  We all saw a naked lady on top of Starbucks.”

I first saw this on Twitter over the weekend (shock), and I couldn’t help but grin. Chappelle did an impromptu show in Portland, OR at Pioneer Square at 1am for 4,000+ people.  Unfortunately, he only showed up with a small amplifier and one mic, saying he expected a hundred people.  We’ve all (save for the unnecessary Lil-Jon-impersonating-I’m-rich-bitch-yellng-fans) been anxiously awaiting Dave’s return to the public eye. I kind of expected him to reappear during the election season in support of Obama, but he’s obviously just been doing a lot of pushups back in Yellow Springs, OH with the fam.

I love everything about this spontaneous show because it captures Dave’s essence. Beyond handling the crowd with a calm, comedic demeanor, he brought up local singer Kamaria Wilson (who he met that day) to sing. You can see her performance at the 5:34 mark of this Youtube video. Go to to donate and help her achieve a dream.

The comment section in the Oregon Live story, and the multiple Youtube videos captures the excitement and energy from the night.  I just hope this means a new stand-up or a Block Party Pt. 2… preferably in Indianapolis. Thanks, Dave.

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