Video: Chappelle’s Free Show In Portage, OR, 7/17/09

“I’m not doing this for money. I didn’t expect this many people to show up, so it couldn’t be for fame.”

“It’s not a complete loss.  We came together.  We all saw a naked lady on top of Starbucks.”

I first saw this on Twitter over the weekend (shock), and I couldn’t help but grin. Chappelle did an impromptu show in Portland, OR at Pioneer Square at 1am for 4,000+ people.  Unfortunately, he only showed up with a small amplifier and one mic, saying he expected a hundred people.  We’ve all (save for the unnecessary Lil-Jon-impersonating-I’m-rich-bitch-yellng-fans) been anxiously awaiting Dave’s return to the public eye. I kind of expected him to reappear during the election season in support of Obama, but he’s obviously just been doing a lot of pushups back in Yellow Springs, OH with the fam.

I love everything about this spontaneous show because it captures Dave’s essence. Beyond handling the crowd with a calm, comedic demeanor, he brought up local singer Kamaria Wilson (who he met that day) to sing. You can see her performance at the 5:34 mark of this Youtube video. Go to to donate and help her achieve a dream.

The comment section in the Oregon Live story, and the multiple Youtube videos captures the excitement and energy from the night.  I just hope this means a new stand-up or a Block Party Pt. 2… preferably in Indianapolis. Thanks, Dave.


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