Video: Tanya Morgan at Bentley’s, Indianapolis 7/17/09

(Rusty Redenbacher DJ’ing for Tanya Morgan, Indianapolis, IN)

Even though I missed Cudi’s homecoming show at the Cleveland HOB and Chappelle’s impromptu performance in Portland, I did get to see Tanya Morgan w/ the Mudkids in Indianapolis. FTW.

Donwill, Von Pea & Ilyas are the components of Tanya Morgan (a rap group).  I’d heard they were a group of down-to-earth guys, and they lived up to their rep. All three were cool, swapping background stories about song lyrics, crackin’ jokes & breaking down the origin of Lessondary status.  Their live stage show will probably lead to some 5 Hour Energy endorsements. They got So Damn Down they broke the sound system & the Mudkids couldn’t perform after them (around 1:15am). But Rusty did handle the 1’s & 2’s for Brooklynati’s finest, which made it a little more palatable that there was no ‘Kids performance. Other highlights included (extremely sober) C Rayz Walz jumping behind the DJ tables and handling duties for a song, & Kinetik filling in as soundman.

Thanks to Seanie Mic & for the video.

“Walk My Way”

“We Be”


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