Twitter Reunion: XXL’s ‘The 10 Freshmen’, One Year Later


It’s been an interesting 11.5 months since XXL’s ‘The 10 Freshmen’ issue hit newsstands.  Over the year, we’ve seen instant stardom for some (Cudi), stumbles and falls for others (Charles), and few notable omissions from the guest list all-together (Drake).  Love em or hate em, these youngn’s are paving new paths in the game.

You should be familiar with the OG’s of  Twitter Fights, Complex Mag.  (Eminem vs. Nick Cannon, Jim Jones vs. Ne-Yo, Will.I.Am vs. Perez, Shyne’s first day out…. classics).  Taking a page from the Complex playbook,  a Fake Twitter Fight Reunion seemed more than appropriate to catch up with the Class of ’09.   All the graduating Frosh agreed, and gathered to celebrate a year of Sonic losing his rings, the Moon Man crooning, Hangovers, collabs, beef & much more! La chaim!

‘Freshman 10’ Twitter Reunion*:

@Wale DC, whatup? Freshmen, whatup? Been a whole year since the XXL cover. That’s wild… we about to be sophomores! lol.  whats errbody been up to?

@CurrenSy_Spitta tree

@asherroth @CurrenSy_Spitta shoulda been on the Great Hangover tour with us, it was hella fun, mad kush

@kidcudi @asherroth raaaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeee!!  Crazy times with the broskis

@bobatl @kidcudi @asherroth maaan, that Atlanta show shut shit down! Remember shorty in the pink heels at the afterparty?? Lol

@asherroth @bobatl @kidcudi I’m nice right now… what about when my boy drew a penis on my other dude’s face when he passed out drunk… shit was classic

@MickeyFactz Truthfully: I’m feelin a little left out of this convo

@MickeyFactz Sad Really: but that’s just how I feel.

@Wale yeah, let’s hear from everyone else………… kthxbye

@CurrenSy_Spitta roasted

@charleshamilton @Wale don’t really feel like talking… layin low, bro. haven’t been on Twitter since June

@Wale @charleshamilton aint nobody talking to you, jo.

@charleshamilton @Wale so no collab? Too bad… was just cookin up some heat in the studio with JMJ

@Wale @charleshamilton Jam Master Jay?! #fuckouttahere, Haley-Joel Osment …

@herfavcolor ayo,iontusuallygetonhere, butletsutilizethisgroup and sharesuc(Cess)storiesEtCetera.LOVEsongs,plethora

@Wale @herfavcolor ok…. I learned a GaGa or Gucci can put my name in new circles… #burrrrr

@MickeyFactz Truthfully: just watch my Youtube video explaining what happened with Raekwon & Joey

@iamkidcudi I learned to step away from all this nonsense for a bit broskis.  Deleted my Twitter today…

@bobatl @iamkidcudi then how’d you just tweet? You retiring again?

@iamkidcudi @bobatl I deleted my old one @kidcudi, and just started this one to let yall know… and Pat may or may not be running the @realkidcudi account

@bobatl @iamkidcudi oh ok.. thought you might be doing a name change like I did with bobby ray & b.o.b.  it’s confusing… Mike Bigga sold me on it, but I’m second-guessing now

@iamkidcudi @bobatl Mike who?

@CurrenSy_Spitta I waketh, I baketh….

@corygunz @CurrenSy_Spitta ni**a, you been awake!  Just playin… what up yall, you hear when @souljaboytellem said I was on another stratosphere?… shits bout to get serious in 2010

@iamkidcudi @CurrenSy_Spitta you tweet bout trees more than I sing bout em! lol  you #inthesestreets?

@CurrenSy_Spitta I fell sleep at the stu… needed tree to get back up. Personally, im lookin forward to my ni**a Ace Hood’s release, when that drop?

@acehood954 @CurrenSy_Spitta RUTHLESS IN STORES NOW!…. or just call 954-928-5555, my dude will get you a copy. Dropped in Jan

@CurrenSy_Spitta @acehood954 oh. my bad

@drakardnoir just wanted to say you are all talented… and I don’t think I’m better than none of yall. Much respect

@acehood954 @drakardnoir I mean, We The Best!, but in actuality, you’re much better than me

@jcolenc just want to go on record and say I’m not mad that @kidcudi got to perform with Jay at the Garden… not sweatin it

@kidcudi @jcolenc yo man, I deleted this twitter, you gotta reach me at @iamkidcudi or @realkidcudi

@Wale allllllright folks, we’re out of time. this was a good reunion. @corygunz whatup, @CurrenSy_Spitta whatup, @MickeyFactz whatup, @kidcudi whatup….

@herfavcolor (hits Wrap It Up box) wegotitman… justSaveTime,and say errrbody,whatup

*conversation not real


1 Response to “Twitter Reunion: XXL’s ‘The 10 Freshmen’, One Year Later”

  1. 1 Stacey Souza 06/14/2010 at 4:20 am

    You’ve done it once more! Amazing read!

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