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Video: Goodfellas, “Funny, How?” (Peanuts version)

Video: Eminem Meets Bruno At 2009 MTV Movie Awards

Eminem Meets Bruno

I watched this live, and was confident it was a prank orchestrated by Bruno, without Eminem’s consent. However, the Interwebs have been debating all night/morning about the facts. Was Eminem mic’d? Did the camera pan to him before Bruno descended? How come he didn’t move out of the way?

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My thoughts, given the following facts:

1. Bruno/Borat/Ali G is known for putting people in awkward situations without their consent
2. Eminem loves to dish out insults/make fun of celebs, but doesn’t like being on the receiving end (no pun intended)
3. The reaction from Em, his entourage, and all those surrounding is all too real. The anger in his face does not look like this was a mutually agreed upon stunt
3. This is great promo for Bruno’s movie, but not for Eminem. Why would Em want the “buzz” from the MTV Movie Awards to be about him getting ass in his face, as opposed to killing his stage performance? Esp. with how “pause”-ified hip hop has become in 2009.

If this wasn’t co-signed by Em, it’s quite possibly the best stunt ever, given the victim. Decide for yourself, and weigh in with a comment.

Phonte’s Movie in a Minute- “Tyson”

Phonte Coleman breaks down the Tyson documentary.

Fast & Furious Footwork

Reunification of Germany

Saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” tonight, and it was great. Good writing and humor from the Apatow gang. Make sure to go join in on the debate happening over at 2dopeboyz, which analyzes Mila vs. the blondie. Close call, but I’m partial to brunettes.

There is a theme of a heartbroken Dracula throughout the movie, which made me laugh…. and strangely remind me of one of my favorite scenes from Orange County, starring Colin Hanks. Basically, Shawn Brumder (Hanks) is in a fight with his girlfriend at some Stanford party, and she gets hit on by a guy named Kip (Nat Faxon… the guy from the Bud Light opera commercial, among others). Anyhow, I couldn’t find the clip, so just picture “that guy” at a party trying to impress the girl:

Kip: I’m a Comparative Literature major. I want to be a writer. Fiction, poetry, screenplays, whatever.

I have an idea for a TV show. It’s about vampires…ostensibly. But, underneath, it’s actually about the reunification of Germany…… But it’s funny.

You might have to see it to appreciate it, but it’s one of the lines from movies I quote regularly. I love Kip. And oddly, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is about love and relationships…. ostensibly. But, underneath, it’s actually about a heartbroken Dracula…. But it’s funny.

Go see the movie. And if you want to see a funny mockery of The Hills featuring Mila Kunis from the Writer’s Strike time period….. Continue reading ‘Reunification of Germany’

2 million minutes

I had dinner with Bob Compton, creator and executive producer of this documentary, in San Francisco last week. Really interesting person – the type of “big idea” guy that is infectious to be around. He’s got another documentary in the works about African American entrepreneurship called Soul of a Hustler.

The two American students featured are from Carmel, IN. Watch the trailer below, and check out the2mm blog.

Family Business

“It’s in Belgium.”

I can always depend on a good, strange movie I’ve never heard of when I’m home with the parents. We saw In Bruges today, written & directed by Martin McDonagh, and it was brilliant. Inappropriate, funny, suspenseful, well-written movie.

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