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Mudkids – ‘FREE MONEY’ EP

New music courtesy of (the newly desinged)

Download: Mudkids – ‘FREE MONEY’ EP

Rusty (Mudkid numero dos) says:

‘FREE MONEY!’ is a collection of demos we put together for you to peruse while we finish ‘We Are Dynamic And People Like Us’. It’s kinda our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the response to ‘MKEP’. Six demos deep, just a little EP put together from some home-recordings. I truly hope you enjoy it. Tyler and I write a lotta songs; sometimes we’re not sure where everything should go, but it looks like we’re gonna find a home for lotsa stuff!


Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘…I Do It’


As a bonus to the Cleptoz show in Bloomington tonight, I thought I’d share a new track from Dizzy Yung’s solo project The Becoming (due early 2010), which features the likes of Rusty Redenbacher, Son One, Mr. Kinetik (production credit for ‘Heart In Pain’),, and others.

DOWNLOAD: Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘… I Do It’

Video: U.N.I. x Kidz In The Hall x Warren G @ The Vogue


In today’s irony report, Seanie Mic, the man whose parody videos have piles up 100’s of 1,000’s of 1,000,000’s of views, seems to always be present with his camera for local shows.

Thankfully he was on hand to capture Naledge (Kidz In The Hall) wearing a DOPE Couture shirt on stage with a wig-wearing Double-O?  There’s also footage of U-N-I doing my favorite song of theirs, ‘Beautiful Day,’ and Warren G running through This DJ & Regulators.  The bass was heavy on some of the songs, so sound quality is low.  Hopefully someone over at Heavy Gun has footage of Grey Granite opening up.  Thanks again to Sean for the video.

U-N-I – Beautiful Day:

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Video: Tanya Morgan – ‘App For That’ (got SOLE? appearance)


My beautifully wonderful Twitter-buddy, KJ, pointed out the new Tanya Morgan iPhone App commercial features got SOLE?, Indy’s premier sneaker/streetwear boutique.  Mike & his wife are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and they put in the long hours to keep Indianapolis (and the world) looking fresh.

Check out Donwill at the bus stop, wearing a got SOLE? New Era fitted, followed by Von Pea & Ilyas spitting verses.  If I was a rapper, I might even go download the Freestyle App…. looks kinda dope.

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NBA’s New Taxi Ads With Rainn Wilson, Look Familiar?

(Jimmy the cab driver, circa 1993)

When I first saw the new NBA commercials featuring Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) as a crazy cab driver with different NBA players in the back, I thought they were hilarious.  Then I realized it reminded me of a similar ad campaign from the 90’s… which I automatically assumed was from the NBA, and they had just re-worked it.


Thanks to The Google, my memory became more accurate.  The ads weren’t from the NBA, they were from MTV.  The character of ‘Jimmy the cab driver’ was a household name and commercial in the 1990’s, played by actor Donal Logue.  Classic commercials that everyone born before ’84 should remember.

So, what is it….. a blatant rip-off, or a clever homage to a childhood hero, Jimmy the cab driver?

Original MTV ad:

NBA’s current ad:

ZO! – …just visiting too

Zo just visiting too

I first heard Zo! on the project Zo! and Tigallo Love The 80’s, and then saw him live with the Foreign Exchange a few months ago.  The guy oozes musical talent, and this EP is another showcase of his skills.  He enlists Foreign Exchange family members Darien Brockington, Yazarah, Carlitta Durand & Phonte to help create this collection of cover songs.  My favorite track is the cover of Bobby Caldwell’s ‘Flame’, which I admittedly only knew from being sampled on Biggie’s ‘Sky’s The Limit’… but hey, that’s how you learn.

Download: ZO! – …just visiting too

See what ?uestlove, 14KT (of Athletic Mic League & Mayer Hawthorne affiliation), & Mick Boogie have to say: Continue reading ‘ZO! – …just visiting too’

The Kickdrums – There Might Be Blood EP

The new project from Fitts and Tilla has arrived, and it’s sure to be a banger.  Thanks to URB.

1. Revelation In Slow Motion
2. Walking Dream
3. Robot Rage
4. Wath For White Noise
5. Merry Go Round
6. Somewhere A Mountain Is Moving
7. Killing Yourself To Live

DOWNLOAD: The Kickdrums – There Might Be Blood EP

The Kickdrums – Waking Dream
Video Preview: The Kickdrums – Things Work Out
The Kickdrums – Just A Game EP

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