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Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘…I Do It’


As a bonus to the Cleptoz show in Bloomington tonight, I thought I’d share a new track from Dizzy Yung’s solo project The Becoming (due early 2010), which features the likes of Rusty Redenbacher, Son One, Mr. Kinetik (production credit for ‘Heart In Pain’),, and others.

DOWNLOAD: Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘… I Do It’


Video: x Tony Styxx ‘Middle of the Street’ (Indiana)

(via alpha’s blog)

This is the live, acapella version of Middle of The Street, one of my favorite songs from alpha.  If you have & DOPE Couture Present: Steal From The Rich, you should be familiar with this clip from the last track on the mixtape.  If you don’t have it, just quickly download it, and no one will judge.

Vinyl Meltdown x The Tornado Alley


The legendary Judge over at Vinyl Meltdown posted a nice little MIX to get you hip to The Tornado Alley, the world’s first Twitter supergroup.  Yeah, I said it.  You’ll hear the story soon enough… In the meantime, head over to VM and download these tasty mp3’s.

VM: Introducing: The Tornado Alley [mix]

If you’re a Twit, follow the The Tornado Alley: Rusty Redenbacher, E Dot Spencer, Mr. Kinetik, Firearms,, & A SkyWalker.

Pic: Jay-Z + Dope Couture

The good people down at Dope Couture (Bloomington, IN) got a nice look from the God MC’s Blueprint 3 Tour.

Via Dope Couture:

And ain’t nobody fresher, i’m in Maison ah! Martin Margiela. It’s fitting that Jay-Z wore the Margiela smoke print inspired Smoke Me I’m Dope shirt by Dope Couture last night in concert. All black everything.

UPDATE: More pics + video from the concert

Previously: DOPE Couture Presents: + CMART – ‘Steal From The Rich’

DOPE Couture Presents: + CMART – ‘Steal From The Rich’


You choose your own adventure today.

1.) I held this back for ONE WEEK exactly, for all you who were too lazy to click the link to alpha’s new project, Steal From The Rich. It was part of a calculated strategy to withhold the download, and then smack you with it 7 days later.

2.) I was slippin’ on my blog game.

Either choice is correct as long as you download this album, featuring Rhymefest, Naledge (Kidz In the Hall), DJ Limelight, Scott Matelic and others. alpha pours himself into this album, chock full of earnest rhymes, catchy hooks and beats that cause face wrinkles.

I talked with alpha on the phone for almost an hour last week, and will be giving you pieces of that conversation soon. Until then, check out a great interview at Hip Hop Junkie by Kevin Miles.

stealfromtherichBACK + CMART feat. Rhymefest – ‘All I Need’

Steal From The Rich (presented by Dope Couture down in B-town) officially drops on Tuesday, but I’ve listened to it thrice all the way through, and people will have no choice but to gravitate. It’s good. Really good. Til Tuesday…

Download: + CMART feat. Rhymefest – ‘All I Need’ + CMART ft. Naledge – ‘Kelley’s Song’

Dr. Drew put this song up today by Indianapolis-groomed-artist-turned-LA-resident, from his upcoming mixtape with producer CMART titled Steal From The Rich.

I agree with Drew, the artwork is perfect, and recruiting Chicago lyricist Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) definitely builds anticipation for alpha & CMART’s project.

Follow alpha on Twitter as he navigates through Los Angeles, check out his verse on Tighty Whities, and download this: alpha. – The Fixtape v2.0

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