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Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘…I Do It’


As a bonus to the Cleptoz show in Bloomington tonight, I thought I’d share a new track from Dizzy Yung’s solo project The Becoming (due early 2010), which features the likes of Rusty Redenbacher, Son One, Mr. Kinetik (production credit for ‘Heart In Pain’),, and others.

DOWNLOAD: Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘… I Do It’

Advertisements + CMART feat. Rhymefest – ‘All I Need’

Steal From The Rich (presented by Dope Couture down in B-town) officially drops on Tuesday, but I’ve listened to it thrice all the way through, and people will have no choice but to gravitate. It’s good. Really good. Til Tuesday…

Download: + CMART feat. Rhymefest – ‘All I Need’

The Foreign Exchange LIVE, Indianapolis, 8/15/09

I’m SO excited for this show. If you are still blankly staring, this is Phonte (of Little Brother) & Nicolay’s project that has produced two near-classic efforts: Connected (2004) and Leave It All Behind (2008).

On top of that, former Indy resident is opening, plus appearances from DJ Limelight & Allen Imagery. Ironically (given the cover of Leave It All Behind), I’ll be leaving a wedding reception early to make the show.  Can’t wait to see them in an intimate venue like the Athaneum. Get your tickets at!! + CMART ft. Naledge – ‘Kelley’s Song’

Dr. Drew put this song up today by Indianapolis-groomed-artist-turned-LA-resident, from his upcoming mixtape with producer CMART titled Steal From The Rich.

I agree with Drew, the artwork is perfect, and recruiting Chicago lyricist Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) definitely builds anticipation for alpha & CMART’s project.

Follow alpha on Twitter as he navigates through Los Angeles, check out his verse on Tighty Whities, and download this: alpha. – The Fixtape v2.0

The Sounds of DJ MetroGnome

So, I finally made it down the street to the Front Page Tavern for Saturday Night Live with DJ MetroGnome…. and glad I did. MetroGnome has been a staple on the Indy music scene (which is evident from the new shirt he was rocking from got SOLE?, courtesy of Mr. Watts)

It didn’t take long to realize I was in the right place. There was almost an hour of straight Dungeon Family. What?!? Classic Goodie, Outkast, Organized Noise production. I’m sold. On top of that, MetroGnome couldn’t be a cooler character. We had small talk about local artists alpha., Rusty, producer J. Brookinz, and the old hip hop magazine he ran with Alex from Ruby Hornet TV fame.

Head over to Ruby Hornet for a recent interview with Metrognome.

You can find him at a new gig with DJ Dicky Fox at Urban Elements on Wednesdays and Front Page on Saturdays.  For a full schedule, check out the DJ MetroGnome myspace page.

alpha. – Obama ’08 (Do The Knowledge)

Rusty put me on to this new track from Indianapolis-based MC alpha., from Class of ’93 (w/ DJ Metrognome). I saw a video of alpha. on the mic for the got SOLE? Grand Opening, and he really caught my attention. Then I saw Class of 93 open up for the Cool Kids at the Vogue in April, which”fuuuuuuuurther let me know” (© Steve Harvey) that alpha. spit hot fiya like Dylan on Chappelle’s skit.

He entered in, to Harvard Law, at 88
And while I’m here on the subject, let me set it straight
What he did wasn’t easy to do,
(bein) the first black prez of the Law Review”

This song is a well spit history lesson about our future President of the United States. Download the zip, which includes artwork, lyrics and the mp3:

alpha. – Obama ’08 (Do The Knowledge) (prod. by J. Brookinz)

… and a bonus sneaker head anthem

alpha. – 12 steps

And Download the Rhymefest Man in the Mirror mixtape, featuring alpha.

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