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Cleptoz @ Jake’s 9pm Tonight


If you’re in the Bloomington area tonight, make sure to check out the Cleptoz at Jake’s.  This trio has been rocking mic’s in Indiana and beyond since ’02, and their live show is always packed with energy.  It’s been a while since they’ve “stolen a show” (Cleptoz.. get it?.. nevermind), so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a party.

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Dizzy Yung – The B-dub-Side Chronicles

A wordsmith in the truest sense, Dizzy brings you a teaser before his album The Becoming is released late summer. All men need to listen to “What More Do You Want From Me”, featuring Al Green crooning on the hook.

Download: Dizzy Yung – The B-dub-Side Chronicles

+ Dizzy, Cleptoz, Boondoc Saints, MMP & Perfect Timing @ The Vogue, Fri. 6/29. $5.

DJ Orion Presents…Tighty Whities, The Mixtape


Plain & simple, the Cleptoz have been making music & rocking parties in Indianapolis since 2003… consistently.  They’ve worked with several DJ’s (Vinyl Richie, Orion & Rusty), as a group, but recently took time away for solo projects (Dizzy’s album, The Becoming is dropping June ’09). Tighty Whities is a collection of new material, making it clear these two MC’s haven’t gone anywhere.

Both Hum.V and Dizzy spit tasty rhymes over hand-crafted beats from C-Ray & Vinyl Richie, along with remixing more familiar songs from Kid Cudi to Soulja Boy (yes… Soulja Boy).  Tha B.C., Dash and alpha. all make guest appearances.

Download: DJ Orion Presents…Hum.V & Dizzy – Tighty Whities

Hum.V Album Release Party

Hosted by DJ Rusty and Halfblown. You know how Cleptoz shows get, so show up ready to “Get Down” © ROSS (Rick).

How Much Further….?

So, this beat is just addicting. Indianapolis-based Dash (of the Boondoc Saints) produced the track, and like Weezy says, “that’s how you let the beat build… Beeeetch!”

Hum-V and Dizzy Yung of the Cleptoz jump on the mic with Dash, and all three Nap-town MC’s match the emotion of the track. If you don’t feel hungry after listening to this, “something is wrong with YOU!”

Download: Hum-V ft. Dizzy Yung & Dash – How Much Further? (from Hum-V’s upcoming album, One Verse At A Time)

Scratchin at the surface

Dizzy gets busy, simple and plain. ADK’s an army, better yet a navy. Rusty, Dizzy, K-i-n-e…. comin Summer ’08. Mars, bitches.

Voicemail left on 4/19/08 at approx. 3:19pm

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