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NBA’s New Taxi Ads With Rainn Wilson, Look Familiar?

(Jimmy the cab driver, circa 1993)

When I first saw the new NBA commercials featuring Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) as a crazy cab driver with different NBA players in the back, I thought they were hilarious.  Then I realized it reminded me of a similar ad campaign from the 90’s… which I automatically assumed was from the NBA, and they had just re-worked it.


Thanks to The Google, my memory became more accurate.  The ads weren’t from the NBA, they were from MTV.  The character of ‘Jimmy the cab driver’ was a household name and commercial in the 1990’s, played by actor Donal Logue.  Classic commercials that everyone born before ’84 should remember.

So, what is it….. a blatant rip-off, or a clever homage to a childhood hero, Jimmy the cab driver?

Original MTV ad:

NBA’s current ad:


Give Me Back My Filet Of Fish

This McD’s commercial disturbs me, but it’s got people talking. And I can’t get that tune out of my head. The agency that came up with the spot talk about it in Adweek: “Because it’s a little different, it stops you in your tracks. It is one of those songs that really sticks in your head — for better or worse.”  Exactly.

Ridiculous 6 Hour Power Commercial

Waiting for a new Daily Show, I see the following commercial on Comedy Central…. seriously?!?  However, I did raise an eyebrow at 6 Hour Power last May.

…Or You Can Drive!!

This is a legitimate commercial for Schindel Insurance running on TV stations in Indianapolis. I looked for it for months, and finally found it on the Interwebs.

There’s too much awesomeness packed into 30 seconds for me to select one favorite moment. But when he says “put that in your pipe and smoke it” after cracking the whip & commanding his employees/friends/paid actors to “DANCE” might be mine.

That’s Genuine Leather Right There..

Nike basketball x Marvin Gaye

The infamous Bergamo (aka Ice BERG slim) just called me and said I need to watch this. We all know how Nike has great commercials, and this is no exception.

Berg says, “Marvin Gaye’s the only man who can make women’s panties come off with the National Anthem”

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