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Old Soul Ent Presents: Soul Sessions 4 Year Anniversary 11/25/09


The flyer speaks for itself.  I imagine it’s gonna be a night for the ages.  “I’m talking incontrovertible, structural damage, human injury…. real mayhem, basically.”  Ok, maybe not that crazy.  But butts will be moving, and drinks will be flowing.  Continue reading ‘Old Soul Ent Presents: Soul Sessions 4 Year Anniversary 11/25/09’


Video: The Foreign Exchange LIVE, Indianapolis, 8/15/09

The Foreign Exchange show at the Athaneum Saturday was simply incredible. A big, big thanks to @procircuit for making this happen!  Phonte, Nicolay, Carlitta Durand, Zo!, Darien Brockington & the rest of the crew didn’t disappoint in any form or fashion.  In his first visit to Indy, the Little Brother MC took everyone in attendance on a journey. As he put it, “if you paid $30 for a ticket, I feel you deserve a $60 show”… “We want you to feel better than you did when you walked in here”, which was a promise kept.  I got audio of the entire show, and am trying to figure out how to rip it to my computer…. so look out for that hopefully.  This is especially important because Phonte spit my favorite LB verse of. all. time.  “Sometimes I think I’m from another world (PREACH!)…”.

It was just a really great night overall.  alpha & Bashiri both had memorable opening sets, the vibe was perfect, and I got to politic with some great folks. @deuce2 @MrKinetik, @SeanieMic, @TxtBook93, @alphaisforever and for those I didn’t get to, (@djlimelight, @allenimagery, @procircuit), … next time.

I had the hurt-face when I realized I couldn’t bring my camera (dead batteries, 2 weddings, 2 diff states, one weekend), but me mayne man Seanie Mic came through with the videos!! (which got picked up at 2dopeboyz… very nice).  For all the videos, go to Seanie Mic’s Youtube page.

Opener, & local musician, Bashiri, turned a few heads with his Gnarls cover:

The Foreign Exchange LIVE, Indianapolis, 8/15/09

I’m SO excited for this show. If you are still blankly staring, this is Phonte (of Little Brother) & Nicolay’s project that has produced two near-classic efforts: Connected (2004) and Leave It All Behind (2008).

On top of that, former Indy resident is opening, plus appearances from DJ Limelight & Allen Imagery. Ironically (given the cover of Leave It All Behind), I’ll be leaving a wedding reception early to make the show.  Can’t wait to see them in an intimate venue like the Athaneum. Get your tickets at!!

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