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Mudkids – ‘FREE MONEY’ EP

New music courtesy of (the newly desinged)

Download: Mudkids – ‘FREE MONEY’ EP

Rusty (Mudkid numero dos) says:

‘FREE MONEY!’ is a collection of demos we put together for you to peruse while we finish ‘We Are Dynamic And People Like Us’. It’s kinda our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the response to ‘MKEP’. Six demos deep, just a little EP put together from some home-recordings. I truly hope you enjoy it. Tyler and I write a lotta songs; sometimes we’re not sure where everything should go, but it looks like we’re gonna find a home for lotsa stuff!


Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘…I Do It’


As a bonus to the Cleptoz show in Bloomington tonight, I thought I’d share a new track from Dizzy Yung’s solo project The Becoming (due early 2010), which features the likes of Rusty Redenbacher, Son One, Mr. Kinetik (production credit for ‘Heart In Pain’),, and others.

DOWNLOAD: Dizzy Yung ft. – ‘… I Do It’

Podcast: Blu & Exile, Large Pro LIVE at CMJ 2009

There. Is. No. Greater. Love….. than to hear new Blu & Exile tracks performed live.  Exile is a monster on the MPC. I sometimes don’t give enough credit to his craft because I’m so caught on Blu’s wordplay & imagery.

Here is 49 minutes of live awesomeness from CMJ 2009 in NYC last week. It’s starts with a nice verse from Pharaoh Monch, who is also hosting.  Blu & Ex only rock for 10 min or so.  The rest is Large Professor spinning some classic NY records, Dilla, and other heat you’d expect from a legend like Large Pro.

Right click and save to Download: Can I Get You High Podcast (CMJ 2009)

Big thanks to VTECH for the link.

Video: x Tony Styxx ‘Middle of the Street’ (Indiana)

(via alpha’s blog)

This is the live, acapella version of Middle of The Street, one of my favorite songs from alpha.  If you have & DOPE Couture Present: Steal From The Rich, you should be familiar with this clip from the last track on the mixtape.  If you don’t have it, just quickly download it, and no one will judge.

Jay Electronica – ‘Suckas’ (prod. by Dilla)


“I mash out more posses than Billy & Fame/sucka-MC’s rock ice, but they’re really in flames”

Jay Electronica was 1/5 of the reason I started this blog, in case you forgot.

Download: Jay Electronica – Suckas (prod. by Dilla)

Twitter Reunion: XXL’s ‘The 10 Freshmen’, One Year Later


It’s been an interesting 11.5 months since XXL’s ‘The 10 Freshmen’ issue hit newsstands.  Over the year, we’ve seen instant stardom for some (Cudi), stumbles and falls for others (Charles), and few notable omissions from the guest list all-together (Drake).  Love em or hate em, these youngn’s are paving new paths in the game.

You should be familiar with the OG’s of  Twitter Fights, Complex Mag.  (Eminem vs. Nick Cannon, Jim Jones vs. Ne-Yo, Will.I.Am vs. Perez, Shyne’s first day out…. classics).  Taking a page from the Complex playbook,  a Fake Twitter Fight Reunion seemed more than appropriate to catch up with the Class of ’09.   All the graduating Frosh agreed, and gathered to celebrate a year of Sonic losing his rings, the Moon Man crooning, Hangovers, collabs, beef & much more! La chaim!

‘Freshman 10’ Twitter Reunion*: Continue reading ‘Twitter Reunion: XXL’s ‘The 10 Freshmen’, One Year Later’

Vinyl Meltdown x The Tornado Alley


The legendary Judge over at Vinyl Meltdown posted a nice little MIX to get you hip to The Tornado Alley, the world’s first Twitter supergroup.  Yeah, I said it.  You’ll hear the story soon enough… In the meantime, head over to VM and download these tasty mp3’s.

VM: Introducing: The Tornado Alley [mix]

If you’re a Twit, follow the The Tornado Alley: Rusty Redenbacher, E Dot Spencer, Mr. Kinetik, Firearms,, & A SkyWalker.

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