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Cleptoz @ Jake’s 9pm Tonight


If you’re in the Bloomington area tonight, make sure to check out the Cleptoz at Jake’s.  This trio has been rocking mic’s in Indiana and beyond since ’02, and their live show is always packed with energy.  It’s been a while since they’ve “stolen a show” (Cleptoz.. get it?.. nevermind), so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a party.

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Video: x Tony Styxx ‘Middle of the Street’ (Indiana)

(via alpha’s blog)

This is the live, acapella version of Middle of The Street, one of my favorite songs from alpha.  If you have & DOPE Couture Present: Steal From The Rich, you should be familiar with this clip from the last track on the mixtape.  If you don’t have it, just quickly download it, and no one will judge.

Pic: Jay-Z + Dope Couture

The good people down at Dope Couture (Bloomington, IN) got a nice look from the God MC’s Blueprint 3 Tour.

Via Dope Couture:

And ain’t nobody fresher, i’m in Maison ah! Martin Margiela. It’s fitting that Jay-Z wore the Margiela smoke print inspired Smoke Me I’m Dope shirt by Dope Couture last night in concert. All black everything.

UPDATE: More pics + video from the concert

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Obama got next

I wrote about Go Tell Mama last month, which has the above poster (my personal favorite) and other cool Obama-inspired art/video.

But this video, courtesy of Stevie Internets at The Grip shows Obama’s no slouch on the court.

April 25, 2008 – Kokomo, IN

Victory is in my clutches

And what did I say? Million Dollar Marcus and I took a little 30 minute jaunt to Plainfield, and we smiled at the guards, using the power of hope to get the ticketless boy wonder in the building.

After making our own parking spot, walking by hustlers selling Obama pins, t-shirts, beach towels and size 10 Air Obama’s like it was the streets of Manhattan (well, not the towels and shoes – let me exaggerate), going through the metal detectors, signing up for the Indiana volunteer list, and finding our spot in the wooden gym bleachers, Mr. Obama told us it was “our campaign” . . . Continue reading ‘Victory is in my clutches’

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