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Mudkids – ‘FREE MONEY’ EP

New music courtesy of (the newly desinged)

Download: Mudkids – ‘FREE MONEY’ EP

Rusty (Mudkid numero dos) says:

‘FREE MONEY!’ is a collection of demos we put together for you to peruse while we finish ‘We Are Dynamic And People Like Us’. It’s kinda our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the response to ‘MKEP’. Six demos deep, just a little EP put together from some home-recordings. I truly hope you enjoy it. Tyler and I write a lotta songs; sometimes we’re not sure where everything should go, but it looks like we’re gonna find a home for lotsa stuff!


Old Soul Ent Presents: Soul Sessions 4 Year Anniversary 11/25/09


The flyer speaks for itself.  I imagine it’s gonna be a night for the ages.  “I’m talking incontrovertible, structural damage, human injury…. real mayhem, basically.”  Ok, maybe not that crazy.  But butts will be moving, and drinks will be flowing.  Continue reading ‘Old Soul Ent Presents: Soul Sessions 4 Year Anniversary 11/25/09’

Mr. Kinetik – S.O.S. (Sounds of Soul) [LIVE @ Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Old Soul Entertainment knows how to turn the Jazz Kitchen out on a Wednesday.  I got the chance to chop it up with DJ Limelight (finally), see Mr. Kinetik perform new songs, and watch a late night cipher with Rusty, Son Of Thought, Skittz & others.  Good things! More video up over the weekend.

Download: Mr. Kinetik – S.O.S. (Sounds of Soul)

Download: Mudkids – ‘Ride’ (off the new EP avail 8/25, MKEP)


Free Download: Mudkids – ‘Ride’ (Track 1, MKEP) (UPDATE: I just noticed that MOKB put up this song yesterday… oops.  Get it here, or there… either way is a good decision)

Rusty Redenbacher, Mudkid numero dos, gave me a sneak peak at the new project available on iTunes 8/25.  As a follower of the Kids for years, I can say this 6 song collection can stand right along with heavyweights like Higher (2001) or Basementality (2006).

1 ‘Ride‘ sets the tone, and the pace for the eargasms about to ensue, courtesy of a face-scruncher from Tyler Knapp.
2 ‘How Many’ chews up & swallows the pride we all hold so… proudly.
3 ‘Abraham’ showcases Rusty’s storytelling chops, through a wide-shouldered friend.
4 ‘Shades’ gives Russ his closeup, he’s not hard to find.
5 ‘The Plan’ is a blueprint for doing things your own way (a Mudkid tenet), declaring war, “you farging bastages.”
6 ‘Nitty Gritty’ is just that, a raw track with lyrical exercises from 3 wordsmiths.

I’ll be picking up my hard copy of MKEP at the release party TONIGHT at the Vollrath (118 E. Palmer St.) w/ Emily Wells, which Metromix selected as the #3 Live act of the week (above #6 MC Hammer)

Also, be sure to read the brand new interview with Rusty Redenbacher (by Grey Granite) over at Heavy Gun Blog.


Ace One x Kinetik x s.a.i.n.t. RECON x Rusty Redenbacher

More pics & badassness at s.a.i.n.t. RECON’s site.

Kinetik x Rusty Redenbacher x SURFIN’ (Naptown Mix)

When I heard K and Russ were recording their own version of Swag Surfin’, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But after one listen at home, one in the car, and one at work, I’m officially riding this wave (pause).

Download: Kinetik & Rusty Redenbacher – Swag Surfin’ (Naptown Mix)

I Like To Party!!! x Rusty Redenbacher “Wow”

I’ve never been to Volrath, but it must be alright if MHC has a new event there. Hosted by Rusty, who just sent me a new one, fresh off the stove for the summertime.

… peace to C Rayz, Ali & Sean

Download: Rusty Redenbacher – ‘Wow’

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