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Video: U.N.I. x Kidz In The Hall x Warren G @ The Vogue


In today’s irony report, Seanie Mic, the man whose parody videos have piles up 100’s of 1,000’s of 1,000,000’s of views, seems to always be present with his camera for local shows.

Thankfully he was on hand to capture Naledge (Kidz In The Hall) wearing a DOPE Couture shirt on stage with a wig-wearing Double-O?  There’s also footage of U-N-I doing my favorite song of theirs, ‘Beautiful Day,’ and Warren G running through This DJ & Regulators.  The bass was heavy on some of the songs, so sound quality is low.  Hopefully someone over at Heavy Gun has footage of Grey Granite opening up.  Thanks again to Sean for the video.

U-N-I – Beautiful Day:

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Parody Video: Maury’s Story

Seanie Mic, maker of I Love Bayside, throws on a Slick Rick record and a mock turtleneck, giving you people a little daytime story about Maury.

Literal Music Video: Biz Markie – Just A Friend

Another one from funnyman Seanie Mic. This time he takes the Biz Markie video, re-writes the lyrics & gives you a literal interpretation. Check it out. He does customized raps too, so if you want to give a unique gift to someone, check out

Video: Tanya Morgan at Bentley’s, Indianapolis 7/17/09

(Rusty Redenbacher DJ’ing for Tanya Morgan, Indianapolis, IN)

Even though I missed Cudi’s homecoming show at the Cleveland HOB and Chappelle’s impromptu performance in Portland, I did get to see Tanya Morgan w/ the Mudkids in Indianapolis. FTW.

Donwill, Von Pea & Ilyas are the components of Tanya Morgan (a rap group).  I’d heard they were a group of down-to-earth guys, and they lived up to their rep. All three were cool, swapping background stories about song lyrics, crackin’ jokes & breaking down the origin of Lessondary status.  Their live stage show will probably lead to some 5 Hour Energy endorsements. They got So Damn Down they broke the sound system & the Mudkids couldn’t perform after them (around 1:15am). But Rusty did handle the 1’s & 2’s for Brooklynati’s finest, which made it a little more palatable that there was no ‘Kids performance. Other highlights included (extremely sober) C Rayz Walz jumping behind the DJ tables and handling duties for a song, & Kinetik filling in as soundman.

Thanks to Seanie Mic & for the video.

“Walk My Way”

“We Be”

Video: Billy Mays: The Rap Tribute

I Love College (Parody): “I Love Bayside (Saved By The Bell)”

Hilarious song/video from Seanie Mic, Indianapolis’s own parody rapper.  Some classic clips in there. He’s a true Saved By The Bell head. And he’s gotten 39,000+ views in a week…

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